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At Cairns Cosmetic Clinic we have a range of Cairns Cosmetic Injectionsprocedures that are adored by both men and women of all ages. Cairns Cosmetic Clinic is the most advanced Cairns Cosmetic Injections clinic and draws on more experience and medical knowledge than any other similar provider. What makes the Cairns Cosmetic Injectionsprovided by Cairns Cosmetic Clinic superior to the other offerings lies in the fact that we are the only centre of our type in the region where procedures are handled by a registered and licensed doctor.

Let Dr Ro Goel and his experienced team share with you our advanced knowledge on Cairns Cosmetic Injections and how they can benefit you. At Cairns Cosmetic Clinic we want you to be a healthy and happy version of yourself and by utilising our Cairns Cosmetic Injections we can meet these guidelines.

We commence the process by having an appointment with you and discuss the benefits of Cairns Cosmetic Injections and what you can actually expect from the process. We want you to be comfortable with whatever services you decide on and we appreciate this by explaining in detail everything about the Cairns Cosmetic Injections services we provide.

At Cairns Cosmetic Clinic we have a range of different procedures available and by having an obligation free consultation with Dr Ro you will be in prime position to make an educated and informed choice about Cairns Cosmetic Injections.

There have been many advanced with Cairns Cosmetic Injections since they first came out more than 20 years ago and Dr Ro and his team regularly attend new product launches, training and seminars to ensure we always have the latest and greatest treatments available.

This passion for the Cairns Cosmetic Injections industry means our clients are always receiving the best treatments available.

Our Cairns Cosmetic Injections are fast, easy and painless and because they are performed by a medical specialist with extensive medical training, they achieve superior resultsand also have a longer lasting effect.

If you are thinking about discovering the Cairns Cosmetic Injections world then your best place to start is with Dr Ro and Cairns Cosmetic Clinic. You'll be surprised at how simple yet effective the Cairns Cosmetic Injections treatments are and you'll love the results.

For safe, effective and licensed procedures incorporating the Cairns Cosmetic Injections services we provide, drop into the clinic or make an appointment today.

Leaving the Cairns Cosmetic Injections services to non medical professionals can have negative results. When you choose to have these Cairns Cosmetic Injections procedures performed by a medical professional, such as Dr Ro, you are assured of receiving the best treatment of kind available.

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Cairns Cosmetic Injections
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Cairns Filler
Dr. Ro’s credentials include:

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Kings College, University of London
Bachelor of Psychology First Class Honours, University College London,
Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Member of Royal College of General Practitioners UK
Member of Royal College of Physicians UK
Member of Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine
Diploma of Child Health UK
Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology UK
Advanced Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, Health Cert
Member of The Australian Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine (A5M)

Diploma in Family Planning & Sexual Health UK
Licensee of the Faculty of Homeopathy UK
Certificates in Medical Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture UK
Certificates in Basic and Advanced Hyperbaric Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine, University of Queensland
Certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery, University of Queensland
Certificates in Theoretical and Bespoke Medical Aesthetics UK
Certificate in MD Codes Distinction Dermal Filler Training Allergan
Certificate in PRP Training Face Academy
Certificate in Training in Fat Dissolving Deoxycholic Acid Allergan
Certificates in Training in Vivace Fractional RF + Ultracel Q HIFU - Cynosure


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Cairns Cosmetic Clinic is a fully licensed Cairns botox (botulinum toxin injections) clinic that is operated by the owner and founder, Dr Ro Goel, who is the only provider of these services in the area with a medical degree. One of our popular services that we provide is our Cairns Filler procedures where we use the latest technologies and treatments to professionally decrease lines and wrinkles. Our Cairns Anti Wrinkle services are vast and vary in methodology with simpe and more advanced procedures available at our clinic. We provide Cairns Cosmetic Injections that really work because Dr Ro has the highest level of medical education in the region and understands how applications of these injections has the most benefit. Our RF Needling Cairns services are class leading in the region with Dr Ro having much more advanced learning in this niche area than any other local provider meaning that you will be entrusting this procedure to a medical doctor with high qualifications.


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